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Hiring your First Virtual Assistant To Scale Your Business

A Step-By-Step Guide Anyone Can Follow!

About this Product:

Are you overwhelmed with the 1000’s of tasks you have to do as a small business owner?… who isn’t! I’ve been sidetracked SO MANY TIMES that I almost gave up… then I tapped into the power of hiring Personal Assistants, or like I call it, Virtual Assistants (VAs)…and NEVER Looked Back!

I started hiring them overseas for FRACTIONS of the cost of doing it in the USA. I went through a lot of trials and tribulations in the beginning, but after 15+ years of doing so, I have figured out what makes this process work

Hiring VAs overseas is a widely overlooked resource that I feel everyone could benefit from… and ESPECIALLY us that work online and need “more than ONE helping hand” with the myriad of tasks we’re faced with daily.

In this course I will “lay it all out”… I am sharing my BEST SYSTEMS and PROCESSES for both how to SCREEN and Find the Best VAs, as well as how to manage them and grow your team, so that you can focus on your Business and things ONLY YOU should / can do.

Inside this course I am also sharing a HUGE SECRET that I’ve never shared before. This is based on something I have learned from my mentors who have even MORE experience than me in this field… That secret ALONE is worth 1000 times more than the low, low price of this course alone. PROMISE!

I will show you Step-By-Step how I select the best candidates, as well as how I engage with them and keep them accountable. I will take all the fear out of this process for you and make it easy as pie.

I will even share with you “The Done For You” exact Pre-screening “Google Form” I use, to weed out the VAs that don’t qualify. That way you will be left with the ones that best suit your needs.

You will walk away feeling relieved that you FINALLY DECIDED to “hire affordable and skilled help” to scale your business and take charge of your own future and business.

Waiting would only make matters worse… ACT NOW and ACT FAST to avail of the “Done For You BONUSES” that is only available to the ones that… well, ACT FAST and NOW, so that I can make this process EASY PEASY.

For the EARLY BIRDS / ACTION TAKERS.. they get the following BONUSES:

1. You get access to the PRIVATE FB group (Value: $997)

2. You get the Exact Questions I ask in the Google FORM (Value: $297)

3. You get the Video of me showing you how to use the Google Form and

how you Screen the applicants (Value: $97)

4. You get the Interviewing questions I ask of the VAs that have passed the

“Form questions”. (Value: $197)

5. You get the Interviewing questions I have “learned to ask over the years”.

(Value: $197)

6. You get the Exact Reference Check Questions I ask. (Value: $67)

7. You get Video recordings of me showing how to record the EOD

(End Of Day report) (Value: $97)

8. You'll how I use Google Drive setup with a unique secure email. (Value: $97)

9. Me showing you how I set up the Passwords and integrate them with Google.

(Value: $97)

10. I show you how I use ScreencastOmatic with my team so you can relate tasks

back and forth with your team. (Value: $97)

11. You get One Zoom call with me to ask any clarifying questions (Value: $197).

Total Bonus Value of: $2,437!

PS. I have made this course SUPER AFFORDABLE during the introductory period, and I am including some really valuable and cool BONUSES, but ONLY for the ones that Act FAST!

Plus you get a 30-DAY, 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - IF you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we’ll refund your money with no questions asked.

… So Press that LET'S GO! BUTTON and Set Yourself FREE and start building your team.

This course includes…

  • 1 Video Introduction

  • 23 PowerPoint presentations with audio narration to make it easy for you to implement and execute on
  • 5 PDFs with the links to access the different sites and resources we recommend.

  • All the Audio recordings so you can listen to them in your car or away from your computer.

  • Access to the course creator for questions and answers

  • Bonus videos that will take it to the next level. (for the people that respond fast when we do our promotions)
  • Access to the private FB group so people can get support and share valuable insights (for people that get the BONUSES).


MODULE 1: The Basics Of Having Your Own VA and Infrastructure Needed.

Session 1: Learn the strategy that will create stability in your
organization. “Do I Hire One Full-Time VA or Two Part-Time
VAs and Why?”

Session 2: What Does YOUR VA Need To Have?

Session 3: Things You Need To Set Up Before Hiring Your First VA.

Session 4: Where do I find the right VA?

Session 5: What Kinds Of Tasks Can You Delegate to your VA?

ACTION POINTS: Things you need to do right now to get started.

MODULE 2: Screening, Qualifying and Shortlisting The Candidates

Session 1: Setting up the Form To Short List And Eliminate Unsuitable

Session 2: How do I screen the VAs so that I don’t waste my time on the

Not-So-Qualified VAs?

Session 3: Different Strategies For Hiring VAs.

ACTION POINTS: Things you need to do right now get going.

MODULE 3: The Interviewing, Selection and Hiring Process.

Session 1: How to select the best candidates.

Session 2: How I check on references and WHY you MUST do that.

Session 3: Do a Second Interview.

Session 4: How to Proceed With The Shortlisted Candidates.

ACTION POINTS: Things you need to do right now get going.

MODULE 4: Time Management, Software and Systems.

Session 1: How do you keep track of the time and the tasks they do?

Session 2: What Benefits Are You Offering the VA to help them Stick

with you?

Session 3: What Software do I Use To Make Things Easy and Flow

Session 4: Create Systems to shorten the learning curve

(SOPs to the rescue).

ACTION POINTS: Things you need to do right now get started.

MODULE 5: Creating Relationships While Also Building Your Business.

Session 1: How do you protect yourself and your content?

Session 2: Clever Tips!

ACTION POINTS: Things you need to do right now to finish the process.

Who's Behind This Course?

I am Alf Marcussen, born and raised in Norway, and lived and thrived in San Francisco, CA, for over 30 years.

I was blessed to be part of Mastermind groups for 25+ years and work with VAs overseas as well as in the US... And as a lifelong entrepreneur and marketing professional for over 35 years this was a blessing as I got access to information that few others had.

I have two marketing degrees. One from Norway (born and raised there) and one from San Francisco State University.

I started off in my family’s food business doing all kinds of tasks, including selling to stores and restaurants. Later on, I moved to San Francisco, Silicon Valley, California where I lived for over 30 years. I also worked for a Fortune 500 company as a marketing assistant early on in my career.

When in the USA, I quickly got bitten by the bug to start and run my own businesses and I started several successful companies “Over There”, both in event planning/party promotion and in the e-commerce space.

I also invented the concept of the “RipCard”, which I filed a patent for, it helped people get more direct referrals to their businesses.

I also founded one of the most popular Party Promotion companies in San Francisco which I operated for 22 years. In addition to that, I have been a full-time seller on Amazon since 2012.

A key concept that I learned early on when living in San Francisco, was that working with a Virtual Team (as in Virtual Assistants), I knew that I could scale any business opportunities that I had. And at the same time, I also learned how to leverage my potential in Mastermind groups.

This was THE KEY TO BECOMING SUCCESSFUL…. so if you ever were to meet me in person, you should ask me: “So Alf, after living over 30 years in the USA, what was the “Biggest Thing” you took back with you?” The answer would always be: “Learning How To Work With An Overseas Team as well as Building a Mastermind Group, Hands DOWN!”

I am here to generously share in my myriad of experiences, both what I have learned professionally and personally.

Why? Because I know there are so many talented individuals out there, with great businesses and ideas, and I KNOW 100% for sure that the right team would make ALL THE DIFFERENCE in our lives. That way you would not have to spend as much time as I did figuring out what works or does not work.. or worse... suffer the same fate as so many others who spend Years and Years going down the wrong path wasting all their money and not getting the Right Advice and support that they know they need…

...So, let’s get Rollin… and get your business on track and the success you have been longing for...

…I Got Your Back!

Start learning how you will build your Virtual Team.

I can tell you with Certainty, that if you follow my steps and lay the foundation I am suggesting for you to take in this course, you will have success in creating your own Kick Ass Virtual Assistant Team.

I Guarantee it, or Your money back!


Alf Marcussen


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