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Start working ON your business instead of IN your business! Get the guidance you need to hire and manage a Virtual Assistant (VA) and free up your time for the things that matter most. Our course teaches you how to create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), build team redundancy and stability, and delegate tasks effectively.

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If you are...

  • Struggling with small business income
  • Facing more struggles and unpleasant surprises?
  • A Small business owner who was hit hard by the Pandemic

Or You just...

  • Have higher aspirations for your business success.
  • Want to Learn to set up your own Mastermind Group
  • Want Focus on your business for support and success
  • Want to discover the common thread of success with a Mastermind Group
  • Want to Revive your business with the right techniques and strategies

This Course Offers:

  • Step-by-step course to creating your own Mastermind
  • Learn how to Hand-select group of smart, like-minded individuals
  • Discover the common thread of success with a Mastermind Group
  • Experience the power of a Mastermind for success
  • Invest time and money in a powerful, yet unused technique.


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"I can highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to have more success in their business."

Chung Liew

Always wanted to be in a MasterMind and this course give me a great understanding of how it could be of immense benefit to me, but it also made it very simple to understand how to put it together the right way.

Another thing I also loved a lot was that the author gave me many tips of what to watch out for when it came to keeping the group stay together and “healthy” for a long time.

"I'm going to use this not to make million-dollar mistakes!"

Andrea Dunn

Before Alf, I didn’t know what a MM was or why I would even want to get one. I was appreciative of the course and workbook.

The course starts off slow, which is great because I’m starting from scratch. I don’t have a bar, yet and I’m going to use this not to make million-dollar mistakes!

"He is a natural instructor with the pace and content of the course being well done"

Eric Putnam

I enjoyed this course on Masterminds.

Alf shares many useful tips and experiences he has gained from leading and participating in several Masterminds over 25+ years.

He is a natural instructor with the pace and content of the course being well done.